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        Dongguan City Landpion Furnishing Co.,LTD is a manufacturer specializing in the design, production and sale of pet’s products which includes pet’s toys, pet’s bowls and other accessories of pet related products.

       We have our own independent designers, production department and sales department to working in product designs and product development to ensure that we can deliver the one-stop service to our customers.

       The material of our product covers various types of plastics, high-quality silicone and sturdy wood. We have branch plants including injection molding workshop, silicone production workshop and oil injection workshop. In order to bring the best quality, each of our products will go through strict quality inspection including incoming materials/products and we have a variety of professional supply chains to deliver a competitive price for our clients.


        We take "focus on quality and service" as our core value, and everything is centered on user needs. We hope to rebuild a good image in the minds of customers through professional level and unremitting efforts, and provide service guidance for the development of enterprise product promotion culture

Enterprise spirit: down-to-earth, action better than words

Experience philosophy: cooperation, win-win, mutual assistance, integration and altruism

Competition philosophy: only partners, no competitors

Team concept: build the company into a military-like executive force, a school-like learning force, and a family-like happiness appeal


     Dongguan City Landpion Furnishing Co.,LTD was founded in 2013, focusing on pet products and pet toys and other markets. With its unique design, excellent materials, efficient production and strict quality, it has won the favor of customers around the world.

     Design Department: with a design team of more than 10 people, strict design process, and use 3D printers to save development costs for customers.

     Production Department: Our company has injection molding workshop, silicone injection molding workshop, oil injection workshop, UV printing workshop, etc. There are about 50 technical employees of all types.

     Quality Inspection Department: Every order will go through our strict quality inspection, find and deal with problems in time, and maintain a zero tolerance attitude towards bad products

     Sales Department: The sales staff are all employees who have worked for more than 10 years to provide efficient services to customers.

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Pet feeding supplies

Outdoor pet products

Pet Supplies